9 Reasons Why You Should Try An All-White Outfit Tomorrow

When I first decided to do this story, the one title that came to my head was, “How to do an all-white outfit without looking like a cigarette!” Or, a tampon? But the matter of fact is, you ARE going to look like a cigarette and you definitely are going to look like a tampon. Should it stop you from doing it? NOPE, absolutely not.

So I decided to rather give you reasons why you should actually go for an all-white outfit and be a proud tampon if you’re going to be one. In the most Indian textbook format, the following are 9 reasons as to why you should try an all-white outfit:

#1.  Just so you can put some makeup on it.

#2. So the people from the Tide commercial can discover you. Chaunk gaye?

#3. Victoria Beckham does it.

#4. Even better, our very own Jeetendra does it. Oh, Jeetendra!

#5. Because you’re an angel.

#6.  To celebrate your period-free life.

#7. Because legally, you CAN wear whites even if it’s not Holi (Or, if you’re Caucasian, after Labour day!) Also, who wears white on Holi anyway?

#8. Because you’re a cool person. Icy cool? Get it? NO? ok.

#9. To show people that you are actually a clean person, while your room rots with leftover burgers.

Now that I have convinced you to try whites, you are wondering how to actually go about it. My close friend Nike will support me when I say this, JUST DO IT. There is no rulebook.  Top to bottom white can be risky choice; I remember the fear of touching my own clothes lest they got dirty. But that’s the whole fun part too. You can start with a simple white dress or take a leap with 2-3 white pieces together.

Colour accents can be of help here. While accessorising, you can break away from the white and go for colourful accessories and details (I suggest one solid colour).  I decided to wear my pair of white jeans that was rotting in my closet for a long time, a shirt that I turned into a boxy cropped shirt by cutting the bottom and went all Dhal-Gaya-Din-Ho-Gayi-Shaam-Jeetendra with my white shoes and socks. Yellow was my colour of choice. (If my brother reads this sentence he would instantly go “oh you love poop na?’ on my face!) I picked up these Rihannaesque  tinted sunglasses from Bello Fox, and decided to give my bag a little makeover with straps made out of caution tape. Take a look!

Document hthfh_5

Shirt from Chandni Chowk

Document hthfh_3


Document hthfh_12

Document hthfh_13

Document hthfh_8

Sunglasses from Bello Fox

Document hthfh_9

I hope you guys enjoyed the post. Do tell me in the comments!

Special thanks to photographer of the day, Pritiza Barua for the amazing pictures. You can check more of her work here.

Until next time, LOVE.

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