Florals Are Groundbreaking. (Sorry Miranda!)

I may have been in awe of everything that Miranda Priestly did and said in one of the (my) most iconic movies of all time, The Devil Wears Prada, there was one thing that I wasn’t sure about. According to the lady, florals for summer are blah. Anything besides groundbreaking.


And while for a few naive years I supported her opinion, I have recently come to the conclusion that florals indeed are groundbreaking, and honestly, the season does not even matter.

I have never been a very feminine girl. Pants have always appealed to me more than skirts BUT I have my moments. Moments where I want to feel like a young, blossoming (pun intended) lady, with table manners.
Now as far as I know, clothes have the magic to give you all kinds of feelings and take you places. While a striking pantsuit may make you feel like you can take over the world, an oversized jean jacket will take you back to the ’90s, and a basic LBD turns you into a sexy little thing yourself. Florals make me feel pretty, summery, feminine and as I already mentioned, ladylike (with table manners!).
So I am sorry Miranda, but florals work wonders for me and I will wear them until the day I die (or until something even better comes up).
A simple floral dress, like I’m wearing here, is enough to take you to a field full of flowers, bathing in the sun, fighting bees, and praying that a butterfly sits on you. Here’s is my photo story on how I feel when I wear florals, beautiful.


Dress- Sarojini Nagar, Delhi










So, do you agree with me? (I still love you Miranda!)

Photography credits to Aditya Saxena. Check out his work, here.


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