I Dressed Like My Mom. (Well Almost!)

From the day I can remember, I have seen my mom wear a Sari, every single day. She was married at a delicate age of 16. What a different world would that have been?
While I find it hard to zip a pair of skinny jeans, she manages to drape a Sari in a minute. Magic? Maybe.


that tiny one with some swag is yours truly btw!

She did contemplate moving on to kurtis to serve daily purpose but failed way too many times. Saris have always given her some comfort that no other form of clothing has even managed to touch. Needless to say, Saris have been a big part of my life.
When I came across these beautiful Saris by Kaito, I wanted to wear this vintage looking beauty like my mother. Kaito happens to offer similar breathtaking Saris and other garments which are made from organic handloom linen. While I love the sight of a good Sari, I always look forward to make them more appealing to myself, to us millennials. So, although I prepared myself to take a trip to the 70s, I knew I needed something that belongs to the 21st century; a cool, hip, denim shirt.
Mixing elements that are not ‘supposed’ to belong together, certainly gives me a rush.
However, this does not mean that I like the ‘new’ Saris in town. The draped gown Saris, the pant Sari, and other such renditions, do not appeal to me what so ever. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say here! Typically a very personal opinion.

I went ahead with the beautiful nine yards draped like old times, wore my shirt like Bobby from Bobby (get it?), and like my mother, wrapped the end of the sari over my head. While explaining the photographer what I wanted, (since he had not seen my mother), all I asked him was if he had seen Shabana Azmi’s old pictures in a Sari? That’s what I wanted.
Hope you enjoy the story just as much I enjoyed creating it!







Sari: Kaito, shop here.
Denim Shirt: Levi’s, thrifted.
Mules: Clark’s, Kamla Nagar, Delhi
Sunglasses: Borrowed

Location Courtesy: Cafe Soul Garden, Gurugram

Photography by- Shivam Kinra


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