Photo Story: A Public Toilet

I have recently come to a realisation that creating images is also something I feel really passionate about.  Every time I come across a new concept, location, well anything, all I want to do create some pictures. And for good or for bad, I am not even concerned to include fashion in it anymore. I love images that can talk for themselves, recite a little story. So since this blog is what I live for and things I love, I have decided to do some photo stories from time to time. Just for your eyes (and of course, mine!).

I did a shoot in a public washroom just because it was thrilling, fun and an adventure. Sue me (obviously don’t), but sometimes breaking a rule or two makes for the best of stories. Shooting this one at 11 in the night, scaring off random people, touching the most unhygienic places in the world, deciding if a 21st century Moaning Myrtle would look like this, it was another beautiful story I added to my life and I am glad I have pictures to keep living them.









Wardrobe courtesy: H&M

Photography and all other brilliance: Aparna of AMemoir Photography


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