How To : Wear Revealing Clothes Without Revealing Anything

As ridiculous as the title may sound, this has been a very much requested post by a lot of you who read the blog. Given the diverse country we live in, in most places, donning short, revealing clothes is not a possibility. Most girls asked me to do this so they can look fabulous and not turn up to college looking like Pooh from K3G and ultimately getting kicked out of the campus. Some of us are facing the rules set by the society, our parents and some other forces. Illuminati? Maybe that too. Honestly, I get out with wearing such clothes mostly because I do not live with my folks. So, while I strongly believe in wearing what you want, twisting your choices to respect the surroundings and occasions doesn’t hurt.

So here we are, how to wear revealing clothes WITHOUT revealing anything! I decided to choose four items of clothing that I thought are really sexy otherwise but can be toned down to turn them into regular looking pieces.

#Look 1. The Bralette

The dainty and sexy bralette is the new camisole top. Everyone is wearing it and a little game of peek-a-boo is always up! However if you’re not up for the game, or if you decide to wear that bralette for the day, you can layer it with a t-shirt inside. This look has been quite popular lately, and you can of course do the same with anything that is small and revealing on the top!






#Look 2. The Dress

A lot of girls I know (also me!) cannot wear dresses for a lot of reasons. So what do you do? The very debatable dress-over-pants (OR pants-under-dress, whatever you call it Susie!). What I have realised is that jeggings or leggings DO NOT work as good as a jeans does. So the next time you layer your dress underneath, make sure it is a pair of denim.






#Look 3. The Backless?

This is one problem I always face, I make sure not to buy anything which even touches the back of my bra let alone go below that level. Not wearing a bra freaks me out. But given that so many tops and dresses I would like, come with lower backs, I needed to do something. Again, layering it with a shirt works wonders. You not only get to wear a bra but also make the whole outfit more wearable. Here I am wearing a yellow bodysuit with a deep back!





#Look 4. The Crop top

Most of us are not fans of showing our midriffs. I have, through my research all these years, realised that wearing crop tops with a long camisole inside, hiding that tummy, is not a very flattering combination. I suggest wearing something flowy underneath cue dresses. Dresses not only answer your midriff question but also look much better than the jeans-croptop-camisole combo. You can also do this if the dress is revealing on the top or has thin straps.






Photography: Kirti Narain



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