The One Trend That Will Never Be Outdated

I had never realised this until very recently when all I could see at the H&M store was stripes, stripes and some more stripes. That got me thinking, if it was a new trend or was I missing out. On some more thinking, research and going back to memories of my fashionably scarring childhood, I came to the conclusion that stripes, in one form or the other, have always found a way to remain important in fashion. They have always disguised themselves and formed alliances with other trends of the time to remain relevant throughout. Does that mean they are a classic? I believe so.

No matter what era you google, (and believe you me, I did) you will find stripes being a huge trend. ‘60s, ‘70s, even the 1200s, they were always there. Stripes are basically imposters; when you want some bold, in-your-face stripes, they will not disappoint. And when you need some so subtle ones that you can’t even see them from a distance, they will be at your service again. Every man on this earth can find stripes that fit his taste unless you don’t like stripes, in which case, you have no taste at all.

So in honour of this one trend that I believe will never be outdated, here are two looks I created with some of my favourite stripey pieces out of my wardrobe. While the first is a more romantic, vacation-y, I-see-too-much-of-you outfit; the second is a more subtle, every-day, Imma-cool-girl look.

Enjoy the pictures!









What other trends do you think will never be outdated? Let me know in the comments!

Photography by: Aditya Saxena of Adityaries.


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