Rains bring different memories to different people. While some go back to paper boats and puddles, others are reminded of the worst of traffic jams. A long time back a boy told me that he had never in life enjoyed in the rain by choice. My question is, how can you not?

Monsoon brings out the best of times I’ve had in my life. In Nainital, my hometown, it would rain day and night, and cats and dogs, but it was beautiful. I would always ‘forget’ to take an umbrella to school just so I could enjoy the rain. Rain also meant singing on the top of my voice because the rains were too loud, jumping into puddles without any grace whatsoever, reaching home dripping all wet, blocking out mom’s screams on how I should’ve taken an umbrella along, the sweet sound of water on the tin roofs, the random electricity cut-offs, the life-threatening sounder of thunder and the special appearances of rainbows. Rain brought along a lot more! So if you have never danced in the rain, it’s time you stepped in.

The Jodi Life’s monsoon collection very aptly features all this beauty that rains have to offer. From the colour palette to the beautiful block prints, they couldn’t have summarized monsoon better in a garment. So here’s a story featuring two of my favourite pieces from the collection. I hope the pictures take you rolling into my memories of smelly raincoats, forgotten umbrellas, candle-lit rooms and dainty paper boats.











Wearing: The Jodi Life, find the collection here.

Photography: Aditya Saxena of Adityaries. Find his work here.


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