One Dungarees, Three Ways

Let me start with a funny story. When I was a kid, about 6 years old, my cousin got married. And among other clothes for the wedding, me and my brother were bought a pair of dungarees each.. My brother decided to wear it everyday, EVERY DAY. After a day of the wedding, the men of the family, along with all the kids were supposed to go pick up our cousin from her in-laws’, as per the traditions. My brother insisted on wearing the same dungarees, again! My mom had given them out for a wash but my brother wouldn’t budge. And as life (or my mom!) would have it  my brother had to decide whether to go without his dungarees or not go at all and in between his crying fits, we decide to leave him to it. Haha!

That’s the one story that comes to my mind every time I see a pair of dungarees. They have always been dear to me but after the one pair as a kid, I never got a chance to wear another one. The ’90s were gone and so were the overalls. It was a sad time.
Until late 2010s when the era revived and ’90s was no more just a time in history but also a hip culture. The chokers came back, so did metallics and thank god, so did the dungarees. For most of us, dungarees are meant for only those with an edgy sense of style. But I have to disagree! Dungarees can be as versatile as you want them to be. So to prove my point, I decide to showcase 3 looks that are way different from each other and might give you each a reason to grab a pair the next time you see one.

01. The Stereotype
This is how we know dungarees, hip, sassy and comfortable. Bringing ’90s back in all its glory, I decided to pair them up with a white graphic t-shirt, hoop earring bigger than my face, a holographic fanny pack (that I insist you get too) and some big ol’ converse shoes.



02. The Dress.
For girls who love love their clothes with a little more frill, you definitely can give dungarees a feminine touch. I wore mine with a shirt, pulled down over the shoulders, a cute button choker and a pair of tie-up nude sandals. Has to be my favourite date-night outfit as I get to bring back as many sugar packets as I want to in those large pockets!





03. The High-Street.
Now this one has to be a little out there but nothing that you can’t pull off. With a striped boyfriend blazer and black mules, I gave this one a semi-formal/high-street look, which definitely worked. Some minimal yet bold accessories also helped bring some finish to the outfit.





Do tell me what you would want to see me try next in a multiple ways!

Photography- Anmol Ahdi



3 thoughts on “One Dungarees, Three Ways

  1. Anonymous says:

    One question, Dungarees are better when they fit your body or rather when they are ill fitted like yours in these pictures. I have a curvy body and I prefer my dungarees to be fitted, infact any clothing to be fitted, you can imagine a curvy girl wearing loose clothes 😛
    Also, any ideas as they are to be styled, thanks.


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