Photo Story: An Ode To The Whites

“Let’s pick a darker colour!”, is my mother’s first response to white. The colour white. A colour she would never wear because in our  culture, it is worn when people die, thus a symbol of sadness. The kids couldn’t wear it for it only meant more frequent washing cycles, which has to be avoided at all costs.

Growing up, white has come to represent other things to me. I may still avoid it for the mere reason of its vulnerability to getting dirty but the meaning has definitely changed. White stands for purity (as my teacher explaining it’s meaning in the flag would put it), cleanliness, perfection. Basically everything I aspire to have in life. All rest inside a colour.
The colour represents new beginnings, a second chance, and is much more then a simple colour you’d want to wear this summer.
A colour that imbibes all colours inside of it and still manages to hide away all the chaos. (Again, something I aspire to do!)
There is a reason why angels wear whites folks. I just needed a reason to talk about my favourite colour this summer and Bias gave it to me. In collaboration with the brand that that challenges not only the fast fashion culture with its slow and indie creations but also breaking stereotypes every now and then; along with Aanchal Rai of the blog Style Locked, I decided to give an ode to my colour of the season.

And while I may still shy away from wearing whites for the mere reason that its more prone to a mustard catastrophe, I try my best.
Hope you like the photo story!






Wearing: Bias

Photography by Arko Chakraborti, find him here.



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