Into The Woods

Jungles have always been really close to my heart. Whether it was reading about Mowgli, or the fact that I grew up on a hill station, jungles mean a lot to me.  Back in my hometown, I had a special place where I would go read, write, listen to my favourite Avril Lavigne songs, sing them out loud sometimes, had my first kiss and even contemplated killing myself. That spot, in the middle of the woods, witnessed a lot from my life.

Working with one of my absolute favourite brands, Vajor, once again, we found a similar connection with the woods. The very earthy brand resonates with all things natural and raw and so we decided to go back to the jungle and create something as beautiful as our old memories.

I thank god for this patch of Jungle that Delhi can boast of because I fell in love with it as soon as I stepped in. Located between the JNU and Qutub Institutional area, Sanjay Van is a great escape from the metro trains, millions of people and the  concrete that surrounds us everywhere! We witnessed a ton of butterflies, wild pigs (which scared the shit out of us), ants attacking our bags and sounds that all pointed to the possibility of a snake around!

I wanted this shoot to be bigger than anything I had ever done before. The styling of the pieces was also kept more editorial than wearable, but that’s what created all the difference. And as much as I would have loved this shoot to happen at ‘my spot’, I would like to dedicate it to the same. The same trees, the same sky, the same ground and the same rocks that listened to all my secrets and hid them somewhere deep inside of them.

Look 1. 







Look 2.








Dresses And Earrings: Vajor

Yellow Heels: Local Store

Glitter boots: Blur Store

Both Sunglasses: Thrifted

Fanny Pack: H&M

Photography by Anmol Singh of Mixtape Photography

Assisted by Neha and Sujeet Bhaiya. 


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