Summer Whites

Before the season is completely over, I want to put this out there! The summer of 2017 brought with it something quite unexpected. It brought me whites. To a girl who was raised to avoid whites as much one could as they got dirty easy and were too much work, finally accepting the colour was a big achievement.

The summer palette for this year was incomplete without this serene colour and it was quite clear from magazines all over the world, runway and of course, the internet. I would not deny that this was one of the reasons I was drawn a little more towards white than ever before. And guess what, I can’t stop myself from stuffing more and more white pieces into my wardrobe right now!

Here’s a set of white co-ordinates from Stalk Buy Love and so I decided to share with you what I have been going through, all throughout summer! Let me know about your summer obsession before we bid adieu to my favourite season of the year!







White C-ordinates: StalkBuyLove

Sunglasses: BlurBook

Shoes: Koovs

Photographs by: Anmol Ahdi

Assisted by: Aarohi Mehra


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