Winter Florals

The one fashion trend that has grown over me with time has to be florals. I come from a time where I lived most of my young years as a tomboy and loved pants over skirts, always.As is, I loathed florals.

They did not make sense to me and were a little too much to handle. A little too girly, as some would say. Honestly, I’m still that girl and would still pick pants over skirts. Although I do enjoy skirts sometimes now and know how to strike a balance.
Until a few years ago, florals were a big summer trend. You’d know spring has arrived once you start spotting floral prints on people. But is it still the same? For good or bad (I’d say good), florals seems to have become a perennial trend rather. During summer, florals are worn to celebrate the new beginnings and sort of go hand in hand with the flora around. In the winters, however, for me florals are a reminder that the beauty is still around. While most people choose to wear darker shades during winter, I like to submerge myself in colours of the forgone summer and florals play a big role here.
Having lived most of my life in a cold place and the winters in the capital being a little gloomy, I choose to feel better by wearing hopeful clothes, if I can put it like that.
So here’s to a winter that is more colourful and shining than it used to be. Thanks winter florals! I owe you.











Dress: StalkBuyLove

Necklace: Blur Store

Incredible pictures by Anmol Singh, who also happens to be my baby brother ❤


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