Me And My Tights.

Honestly, tights never made sense to me. Growing up, I only saw two kinds of tights in popular media. First, the nude ones that were worn by the nuns in my school or ladies at formal gatherings. Others were the fishnets and the ripped black ones that were worn by the jazzy dancers and girls on television that we were not supposed to watch. So I ended up wearing none of them.
Then this year we saw the colorful opaque tights from ’60s rise again from their ashes. I was confused if I finally wanted to try on tights or it was going to turn into another big mistake. Thanks to being super skinny, I try to maintain a distance from bottoms that are going to cling to my nonexistent curves. My mom feels, they make me look skinnier and I have to agree. So obviously, I took my time to think about this.
But always trying to break out of my shell I decided to go for it and get not one but three, yes THREE pairs of tights. The red, the white and the pink.

*Also before you start wondering if anything went wrong, I decided to go for hazy photos for this series. I am into that shit.

#Look 1:
My favourite definitely has to be the red but I believe that has a lot to do with me being a ‘red’ phase at the moment. I was tempted to do an all red look again but I decided to do something different and decided to put a white skirt to use. I also used the famous, universally-appreciated pink-red combination for the shoes.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

#Look 2:
For the white look I literally wanted to turn into a ghost I guess and went for an all white look. The flowers around my neck? Well they did something. I don’t know what that is.





#Look 3:
Then came the pink. For this one I went for a more high-street fashion look (with my clothes from Sarojini Nagar. Ahem ahem!).
I wore my pointed pumps and pierced my tights through the heels, turning them into a really cheap version of the Yeezy sock boots. Thank me later.
I also wore jeans that ripped from the side once when I tried to pull them down in a hurry because it was either that or me peeing my pants the day I turned 25.





Hope you guys enjoyed the story. Would you go ahead and buy tights too? Let me know.

All tights are randomly bought off 🙂

Photography by Anmol Singh of Mixtape Photography.


2 thoughts on “Me And My Tights.

  1. Ramyaa. H says:

    Great blog man :’) I love how unique and how it doesn’t conform to the well-established notions of dressing… 💓💓
    Keep posting 🌈🌈💛💛


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