From A High Heel Hater To A Lover, Here I Am

If you have always enjoyed wearing heels, and choose to wear the pointed beauties over a pair of sneakers, I salute you. I literally bow down to thee.  I have been the sneakers over heels girl for the most of my life and I vividly remember walking home barefoot after my school’s farewell party where I first had a real encounter with a pair of heels. Not just trying my cousin’s heels and taking two steps feeling all fancy and feminine, but a real encounter. It was two inch heel, yes TWO inch and I couldn’t bear them.

And now? Now I can run a mile in a five inch heel! How did THAT happen, right? Well, to earn some extra pocket money, I used to host shows when I was in college. It was mandatory to wear heels and so I was forced into the heel business. I would come back home with acute pain in my feet and back but with regular events, things got better. I could walk and stand in those goddamn heels for hours. Pretty soon I also realised that the shoe brand and quality mattered the most. You cannot expect a cheap pair of heels to be cushion soft and treat your feet with five star services.

So now that I can (again) run a mile in heels, I have, to myself, a sweet little collection of heels. I may still be a sneakers over heels girl, there is no denying that there are certain occasions that only a pair of extra special heels can save your life. So when the good people at Oceedee, the makers of luxurious heels, wanted to send me a pair, how could I say no right? If making this luxury affordable for people like us wasn’t the best part about the brand, the mere fact that you get to customise your own shoes from about ‘250 styles, 50 leathers and 13 different heels’ has to be it. Who wouldn’t want to make their own shoes right?

I chose this pair of red, suede, strappy babies to add a little glamour to my collection and basically my life. Also, I am in love with this fall outfit, what do you guys think?








Turtleneck- Sarojini Nagar

Pants: Myntra

Shoes: Oceedee

Photos by the very amazing and talented, Aditya Saxena. Find him here. 


4 thoughts on “From A High Heel Hater To A Lover, Here I Am

  1. nk says:

    please please do a video on where to buy in sarojni nagar video..u buy the real gems 🙂 your style is inspirational and classy to the max, keep it going


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