How To: Plaid Bottoms

While summers have us experiment with skirts, shorts, cropped pants and what not, in winters we tend to fall back on some good ol’ jeans. And that, my friend, makes it boring.
I personally love keeping it even more fun in winters as the gloomy mornings are already dull of tackle with. I love playing with colours, patterns, textures and fabrics . Plaid definitely has to be one of the top ones when it comes to winter fabrics. It’s made out of wool so definitely warm and the chequered pattern makes it all the more interesting.

So today we are going to see me trying out three kinds of different plaid bottoms and how I style them.

For the first look I picked up a very retro look. This midi skirt from Stalk Buy Love can pump elegance into anyone and so I chose to pair it with a black velvet bodysuit. Keeping is sophisticated and clean.
Also, how I wish I had a disco-ball bag! Ugh.






The second look brought out the Clueless fan in me. If you haven’t watched the iconic (lol) movie, it’s time you do. I gave it my own twist with pulling the sweater down and turning it into an off the shoulder.
Don’t you worry, I’m not going to freeze ’cause I got my fancy puffer jacket. I should add some warm tights to the look though!






The last look is the most casual of them all and oh how I love it! The plaid pants are extremely comfortable and the jumper fits great. I also loved my hexagonal sunnies and chose to go with my gum boots for this one. Who said they’re only for the rains?







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