Colours 2018.

2018 started with a bang of trends on the runway. Maybe I am old enough to realise or this year is special, but trends have been literally blasted from a canon. From feathers to florals, from belt bags (fancy name for fanny packs you guys!) to dramatic shoulders, everything you’re wearing right now might fit in one ofย  2018’s trends (or subtrends, lel).

As is obvious by my introducing paragraph, even colours this year are on a rage. If I had to categorise and I will, this year they fall in three major categories: The Pantones, The Pastels and The Bolds.

Doesn’t that include every colour possible? Of course. Not black though. Definitely not black. Sorry you emo people, it’s time to let that subculture go.

So, I decided to collaborate with StalkBuyLove for this project. The brand comes up with new pieces literally every week and stays ahead of every possible trend. It was obvious, they had everything I needed. Let me break it down some more:

  1. The Pantones.

If you’re living under a rock, or are dunce about fashion (like I was, for 20 years of my life), Ultra Violet is the Pantone colour of the year. The colour, that I’d rather just call purple, was seen on all the runway shows in different versions. Purple, my favourite colour as a kid, (I’m more inclusive now), has finally made it big in life.

So I picked this lilac or as I would call, light purple jumpsuitย  from SBL to flaunt the colour of the year. Also, see those ruffles? Another big trend for the year. Thank me later!




2. The Pastels.

As much as I hated pastels back in 2013, I have fallen in love with them this time around. “Delicacy can be strong”, Victoria Beckham had said before her big NYFW show which was full of these soft hues. Ice cream or Gelato shades, as the cool people in the business call them, are going to be a big summer trend.

I went all marshmallow in this baby blue and blush pink (these fancy colour names, I tell you) combination. Big fan of how the pants fit my skinny legs, and how the top gave me the cleavage I never had. Thanks StalkBuyLove.




3. The Bolds.

If there was something I was drooling over in 2017, it has to be reds. Better news came this year. Much like the 2017 red, this year will be full of bolder versions of blue, yellow, green and… no not black. Sorry. Monotone outfits in these colours is going to be my go-to choice. It maybe a little overwhelming but what’s fashion if it doesn’t bother you. Does that make sense?

I picked up these, Gigi Hadid inspired, yellow top and bottom coordinates. See, bananas are my aesthetics. So I went for it. What do you think?





Photography by: Mixtape Photography


4 thoughts on “Colours 2018.

  1. sassyjesi says:

    I love each and every outfit here and how you’ve styled them! I am so going to try recreating the last outfit! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›


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