The Dirty Lake

Learning from this shoot: I can get inside a sewer if you promise me a great picture.

Hi people, who are sweet enough to still open my website. Thank you for doing that. I may have shifted most of my work to videos  but there is no denying that  I absolutely love creating pictures. Whether I’m in it or behind the lens, it does not matter.

I did this one with my favourite photographer, Aparna Mohindra who jumps on any idea like a fox and invests herself 200% in the same. For safety purposes, I also managed to rope in my brother, Anmol Singh, the only person with a penis in the group. He, however, ended up doing a lot of work. Atreyi, the make up artist, may have almost died in the heat but she did her best job.

I woke up at 3 am. *cough* Not forgetting that I had come back from a party at 1 am. *cough* Booked a cab at 4, picked up my brother at 4:30, met Aparna and Atreyi at 5. After which we proceeded in Aparna’s car.

Then came the bad news. When Aparna went for a recce at the lake last time, she knew that cars could easily come and not much of a trek was involved. But, when we reached, the road was blocked. Recent rains and storms had made the way unsuitable for a car to get through. So we trekked. It was about 4 kms. And honestly it was quite fun.

We reached the lake around 6:45 am and saw that there was a big gang of people bathing in the lake. Don’t forget, I get into the same lake, wohooo! For good or for bad, there were a lot of people around us. Groups of people who had come to start their Sunday mornings with an adventure, just like us.

Before we got into the lake, we had two more outfits to shoot. We finished that by 9:30. Not to forget the monkey riots and my constant screaming and running away at the sight of one. It was horrifying. I could have died from the fear. No kidding.

After changing my outfit inside a make-do changing room with a bed sheet, I was finally ready to submerge myself in the dirty lake. The lake where people bathed, washed clothes, swam, threw garbage in and that was full of algae.

We spent about an hour inside the water, both me and Aparna. Anmol held the fort by being our lightman for the day. All this while Atreyi calmed my nerves by keeping an eye on our bags, which I was paranoid will be taken away by the monkeys.

I got out of the water, filthy af. Changed into dry clothes and grabbed my bags.

Oh, the heat! It was almost noon and the trek that was a beautiful journey in the morning had turned into a walk in a hot desert. I will not deny but I definitely thought one of us would get sick or faint there. But, we made it! We’re all alive and healthy, besides the slight constipation that I deal with.

Here are the final pictures. Enjoy!
















Until next time,



13 thoughts on “The Dirty Lake

  1. Loved all the photos!! You look great and hats off to your hardwork and kudos to such a helpful group of people who support you for your shoots to this extent!! Lucky you!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow…the article, it came out of your heart directly and believe me, I could sense it! It was lovely. Also, the pictures are fantastic !!


  3. Yamini says:

    Great pictures and kudos to the hardwork put in by everyone!
    PS: love brothers for being there for just EVERYTHING!!❤️


  4. Anonymous says:

    I went to this lake late one night and was attacked by a man with a knife who threatened to kill me and my friend even after we gave him all our money. When he tried to steal my car is when we snatched the knife from him and he ran way. Scariest time of my life.


  5. Dusky_by_nature says:

    Omg this is obe of my favourite. You look so gorgeous here. And it didn’t seem that it’s a dirty lake. Kudos to photographers ❤️


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