Do you love art? I think we all do, right? In some form of the other. Personally I like the most raw of forms of art. Not that I am a big art junkie and I do not know of any names but I do like a lot of street art, graffitis and other shiz. Lately, I also happen to like doodles. What do you like?

Why I am talking about this today is because this Jodi Life lookbook has been shot at India’s first open air public art district here at Lodhi Colony in Delhi. As soon as I saw the pictures over the internet, I knew I had to go there. Plus, for me locations of my shoots matter a lot so I am always on a lookout for great visual backgrounds. 25 street artists from India and across the globe got together to do this and you guys MUST (yes, block letters!) go check it all out. I urge you to do that.

Coming to today’s fashion part of the blog now. I told you how I am going to style the skirt from the last post in two more ways right? Here they are. Do check out the previous one here, case you missed out – THE JODI LOOKBOOK, PART 01.

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It is getting too cold for me to handle but I am sure loving all the layering that’s going on. All the coats, jackets, beanies and boots! But wait, do you think boots are your only way out for winters? I think one of the many reasons I like winters is because I get to wear all my sneakers, brogues and what not. Trust me, in the scorching heat of Delhi, you can barely even imagine about those.

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Hey everyone,

How are we doing? 😀 Well, things have been getting really hectic my side but I have no complaints. 🙂 I hope its the same with you!

Coming to the post now. You guys know how I hate to be associated with one style and how I love to experiment. This blog post today shows exactly how you can break boundaries, break rules without overdoing it. It is for those who don’t like to experiment too much but still want to try new things in a subtle way. If you’re one of those, this post is tailor-made for you my love!

And what rule are we breaking today?


I mean, of course they are. But does that mean that you can always wear them in the most feminine ways possible? NO.

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Hey you pretty pretty people!

When I ask you what is ‘in’, what comes to your mind? Bohemian? Sheer? Layering?

Well I’ve pretty much tried them all, however the ‘sheer’ trend was still left to be given a shot. So I was desperately waiting to shoot this post and try the one and only sheer I have in my wardrobe which is this beautiful white skirt from none other than Lakhina Couture.

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A big hello to all you beautiful people!

Just how Sophie in Confessions of a shopaholic says; “I love new clothes. If everyone could just wear new clothes everyday, I reckon depression wouldn’t exist anymore.” Well, not everyone is that lucky right? But that does not also mean that we need to be sad about it. STYLE is the word. Creative styling can turn every old clothing into a new one without even having to spend any money and you all know that this is what I do here on my blog. I try to show you how a single piece can be styled in different ways so you dont have to wear the same shirt with the same pants again. 🙂

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Hi there you beautiful people,

I have been too excited for this post ever since the day we shot it. I think this post is like a dream to me because of the amazing photography. It looks like it is out of a magazine and even though I’m sure some people might not like it, it is the kind I had always wanted. After a very long time in my life, through a lot of painful lessons, I have learnt that you cannot make others happy unless you yourself are! Please yourself and you will please everyone else too. Cheers to Aparna for the unbelievable photography. I will link her work in the end, dont forget to take a look. 😀

Lets cut the chase and come back to why I’m here. Fashion Blogging. haha.

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