Hey you all!

How was last week for you? Mine was way too hectic but at the same time, something that I totally enjoyed. It was the Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2016 after all. Unlike last time, this second time my passes were all arranged on a prior basis and so I had nothing to worry about. All I needed to take care was, what to wear! Now, that is one terrible terrible question!

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Hey everyone,

You have no idea how much I have always wanted to do a post on a fashion week I attend. I never had attended any till now. And after 6 months of being blogger, I was adamant to be a part of the Amazon India Fashion week which took place in Delhi from 7th to 11th October!

I am a new face in the industry and so it wasn’t easy for my to arrange the passes, I had no idea how it worked. But thanks to a few helpful folks around I did manage to attend the last three days of the fashion week. Trust me, I feel lucky.

In today’s post I am going to first show what I wore to the three days. Post that, I will share with you three  of my favorite collections from the week!

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