I fail to understand what that word means or stands for. Of course I am aware of all the meanings and synonyms we do attach to it. The first meaning that comes up when I type the word on Google says, “having qualities or an appearance traditionally associated with women, especially delicacy and prettiness.” I can agree with the first part of this sentence, but the second? That is sheer bullshit if you ask me.

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Power play with Summation.

Slamming patriarchy right in the face.



For every time we’ve been looked down upon for being a girl, treated as weak for who we are, shown pity for  our existence, we’ve only come above stronger. No matter how fancy and elegant the previous years in history may look, the condition of women has been a sad topic.

I feel lucky to be born in this era, being aware of my rights and capabilities and not forgetting that there is still tons that has to be done for women, around the world.  I’ve been a firm believer in girl power and that only women can help women. I hate to see when girls get jealous of each other and nothing like a ‘sister code’ exists.  I do not want this to look like a rant but I would request all girls to support each other in their endeavours and they will see what a better place the world could be.

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“I have nothing to wear!”

Story of our lives.

With a wardrobe stuffed with clothes, I still find it hard sometimes to find what to wear and I know most of you go through the same thing. It has always been the same. As kids, me and my brother only received two pairs of clothes a year and we were never happy. But now, even when my wardrobe door is almost jammed, I still throw a fit at times on how I have nothing appropriate. Haha. I think that’s how it will always be. Not to forget that we still manage to dress fabulous even after all of this drama.

But, as crazy as we can get, we are never tired of new clothes. So today I am going to talk about how to get some more. Steal from your man. Now that man can be your father, brother, friend, boyfriend, husband or even the men’s section of a store!

I have always been a fan of androgynous clothing. I love how comfortable and fun it can be! Since times immemorial, I have shopped from stores meant for men. The t-shirts are my favourite. We never get such rad prints on t-shirts meant for the ladies, ugh. I mean, can’t a girl enjoy some witty graphics or pictures on her chest? Sure, we can!

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How have you guys been? My side has been a little hectic. But good hectic. You know where you’re busy but you love it. I think it is mainly because I love what I do so it doesn’t really bother me. Also, the love that you guys pour in is so encouraging that I see no pain in working  my ass off for anything. It has been a great journey so far. With all that support, I am also now finally selling my DIY projects through Instagram. So if you like what I make and do not have the time or energy to make it yourself, you can now buy it from you. For that you need to follow @thesassybeans on Instagram. TIA.

Moving forward, today we going to talk about bell bottoms. Aren’t you loving the fact that they are back? I sure am. Back as a teenager, I hated them. Literally. I have always been skinny and then the kind of bell bottoms we got were really loose. They hung on me like on a hanger and it was painful.  So this time too when they made an entry I was skeptical of how they would look on me. So instead of getting a full on flared jeans I got myself a pair of bootcuts from Myntra. I just wanted to make sure they don’t look as hideous as they looked the last time.

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Hi everyone!

How are we doing today?

Life is a book full of dilemmas. We face one every other day. I’ll tell you about one such dilemma we often come across. So we, the ladies, are very comfortable with buying clothes and shoes for ourselves however when it comes to do the same for our brothers, boyfriends or any other gentlemen friends, we sure do not know how to go about it.

And also most of our men still find it hard to indulge in some ‘good’ shopping or know of good brands which serve them nicely.

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