Evening Dress For The Day? What? Yes.

Winters have turned me into Miss. Sleepy Sleeperson and the thought of getting out of bed stabs me like a sharp knife every morning. But do you know how I deal with the sadness? By dressing up. If you wear good clothes  you definitely feel more pumped up and elevated. So, this winter make sure you dress well.

Now, I used to work as an emcee for a while (3 years actually!) back when I was in college and I have a number of evening dresses just lying in a corner of my closet. I just failed to understand what to do with them until recently when I realized that an evening dress can be your perfect day outfit too, if paired right of course!

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Summer Clothes for Winter.

The title needs no explanation, does it? As much as I can remember, I have always hated how colourless winters become, thanks to people choosing to wear only shades of black during the season. I mean what is that? I only did that when I was going through my infamous emo phase. But no, what is that really?

I have two reasons to still exploit my summer clothes for winter:

  1. I am cheap af.
  2. I like them colours.

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Inside the woods.

I have lived in the hills all my life. As kids we would go and collect firewood, for fun. Spending a day in the jungle was an adventure. The sweet parents had no idea about it and the constant fear of leopards and tigers who we had heard about in stories would make us crawl at every unfamiliar sound. The wild flowers and the large trees that gave no sight of the sky, was all a charm. The dogs would be your jungle companions and monkeys would scare you to death. Some times when I think of it, life in the hills is indeed one of the best.

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You guys know how much I love summers right? Yeah, yeah, the heat kills me too but I love the colours around. The easy outfits. The effortless style. Winters take a lot actually. Too much of layering and effort. But then again I like the challenge. However I mostly prefer to go about with my summer clothes styled for winters. It is fun and also a lot less expensive.

So hey everyone, how are we doing? My college started and once again I’m caught up in a web of endless assignments and i’m sure you too are going through similar things. It’s good you know. Anyways, without wasting a lot of your time I’ll tell you about today’s post.

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Happy new year to all you beautiful who take time out to read my blog. Before anything, I want to thank everybody for the endless love and support you have all given in. It has made me so much stronger and confident and trust me nothing is better than doing what you love. You all have made this experience worth it all. And as the year starts, I promise to bring you a lot more of fashion, style hacks, DIYs and cheap buys haha! Lets get started with the first one for this year.

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It is getting too cold for me to handle but I am sure loving all the layering that’s going on. All the coats, jackets, beanies and boots! But wait, do you think boots are your only way out for winters? I think one of the many reasons I like winters is because I get to wear all my sneakers, brogues and what not. Trust me, in the scorching heat of Delhi, you can barely even imagine about those.

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Hello again my folksies,

I am back home and oh my god I cannot possibly put in words how cold it is here. I cover everything with tons of layers but my face is cold. There is no way out. Although there is no denying that I am also loving all of it at the same time, the hills, the chills and of course the endless cups of tea mom makes me!

Alright, lets come to what we do here. This month is all about holiday looks for me and we’ve already done a few. I promised you guys that I have something for each and every one of you. Today I’ll be sharing with you guys, my favourite Christmas look. Wohoo 😀

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How are you today? My day has been great so far. All I have done is wake up late and stay in bed with food and movies. They give us gaps between exams expecting us to study, this is what we actually do. But anyways, the best part of the day is here. The blog. Thanks to my exams the schedule has gotten a little shaken up but I make sure to post twice a week. 😀

Having lived all my life on a hill station, I don’t adore winters as much as others do. I am more into summers, with two pieces of clothing on and you’re good to go. Of course summers are harsh in multiple ways but they are fun. Winters can be fun too. I hate to layer so many clothes and your bags become heavier when you travel but that’s where the creativity comes in. Winters are great to experiment with your style. There are so many options to try from and I promise you that I will keep my ‘less love’ for winter aside and bring you some of the greatest winter trends and styles.

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Hello everyone and hello to one of my favorite months of the year December!

The year has come to an end and I can’t be thankful enough for such an amazing one! It was a wonderful year for me, a lot of good things happened. I hope it did for you too and I am more than excited for the upcoming year.

Also, I am so happy about this post already as I shot this one in my hometown, the place I love the most in the world, Nainital. After all this time of blogging, I was waiting for this one day when I would shoot there and finally it is here!

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Hey guys,

How are we doing today? Well my exams are going on so you know what I must be going through. But well nothing can stop me for blogging for you guys, can it! 😀

You guys all know how much I love to shop online right! I know you do. And I promised right in the beginning that amongst other things I’ll also bring you online sites that are reliable and better than other. In the same league I am going to talk about Shop That Outfit  today. Not only are they reliable, I fell for the quality of the clothes they offer and also the fit. Being super skinny, the fit is always a problem for me, but phew, not this time.

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