When winters knock on our door, the first thing that gets packed away are our t-shirts. Because what’s the point of t-shirts when it cold outside right? No. When the chill has just started, like in the capital it has, only the mornings and evenings are cold and the days remain warm and I can’t possibly imagine myself wearing a sweater. Believe me! But yes, during days which are comparatively less colder, and you don’t require three layers on top, you can always rock a t-shirt. So, don’t pack those babies away so soon!

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Hi there you beautiful people,

I have been too excited for this post ever since the day we shot it. I think this post is like a dream to me because of the amazing photography. It looks like it is out of a magazine and even though I’m sure some people might not like it, it is the kind I had always wanted. After a very long time in my life, through a lot of painful lessons, I have learnt that you cannot make others happy unless you yourself are! Please yourself and you will please everyone else too. Cheers to Aparna for the unbelievable photography. I will link her work in the end, dont forget to take a look. 😀

Lets cut the chase and come back to why I’m here. Fashion Blogging. haha.

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Hey you beautiful folks!

Here I am again with another post for you people! So I celebrated my amazing results by going shopping as always. haha And which is my favourite brand? with no doubts in between it is Forever21. I think you all know my reasons. 🙂

I treated myself with a beautiful shirt dress and a denim skirt ( next post!). Everybody knows what a big rage these shirt dresses are this season. All your favourite celebrities and bloggers are wearing them. And so of course, I wanted one too.

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