Hi everyone!

Half of the year is gone in a blink! Do you believe it? I can’t. Although this year has been really great for me and I hope for you beautiful people too. 🙂 You all also know that I am not a make-up or beauty pro or expert, but I always try and give you all the information and knowledge that I gather and my hand on reviews to products that I try. Last month I came across this beauty box subscription called My Envy Box and I also shared my review with you all.

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Hi there you beautiful people,

I have been too excited for this post ever since the day we shot it. I think this post is like a dream to me because of the amazing photography. It looks like it is out of a magazine and even though I’m sure some people might not like it, it is the kind I had always wanted. After a very long time in my life, through a lot of painful lessons, I have learnt that you cannot make others happy unless you yourself are! Please yourself and you will please everyone else too. Cheers to Aparna for the unbelievable photography. I will link her work in the end, dont forget to take a look. 😀

Lets cut the chase and come back to why I’m here. Fashion Blogging. haha.

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Hello Ladies,

Lately we have all been coming across a lot of monthly box services. These may provide you monthly subscription of accessories, cosmetics, skin care and what not!

My Envy Box is one such luxury beauty box. It stands out amongst others because its products are generally international! This June Envy Box is my very first one ever and I love it, but let me tell you why!

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Hey everybody,

I have wanted to do this one for the longest time now. Most people believe that a white liner is too stark and dramatic and thus avoid it. But today I’m going to show you why a white liner is a must have makeup product.

Before we start, one disclaimer. I had an exam this Thursday, the most important one ever in my life. I literally had no time to get a post shot and was on the verge of cancelling today’s post. However, I just could not disappoint you guys and most importantly myself. The pictures are all selfies and haven’t turned out that great but I hope you guys will still bear with me and the idea that I want to convey will reach you.

Let’s begin.

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So, I’ve decided to post  some little useful tips for you lovelies every once in a while. These tips will include hacks, DIYs, tricks and tips on makeup and other important things!

Today’s tip is on sunscreen and the importance it carries. 🙂

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