Hello everyone and hello to one of my favorite months of the year December!

The year has come to an end and I can’t be thankful enough for such an amazing one! It was a wonderful year for me, a lot of good things happened. I hope it did for you too and I am more than excited for the upcoming year.

Also, I am so happy about this post already as I shot this one in my hometown, the place I love the most in the world, Nainital. After all this time of blogging, I was waiting for this one day when I would shoot there and finally it is here!

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Hey guys,

How are we doing today? Well my exams are going on so you know what I must be going through. But well nothing can stop me for blogging for you guys, can it! 😀

You guys all know how much I love to shop online right! I know you do. And I promised right in the beginning that amongst other things I’ll also bring you online sites that are reliable and better than other. In the same league I am going to talk about Shop That Outfit  today. Not only are they reliable, I fell for the quality of the clothes they offer and also the fit. Being super skinny, the fit is always a problem for me, but phew, not this time.

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Hello my loves!

How are we doing today? Friday is here and so is a brand new post! Lately, I have been talking about how you can easily rock your summer wardrobe favorites in this fall. Well, technically it should be winter, and in my hometown it actually is, Delhi seems to be a little slow! Earlier I showed you how you could totally rock your t-shirts this season and today we are going to talk about bodycon dresses!

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Hey you beautiful people!

Hope you’re all doing good. And I also hope that you know about Street Style Delhi.

I vividly remember how, when I had just started blogging over Instagram I messaged the SSD people on asking how I could get featured. haha. They had also just started back then but they just took over Instagram. I mean the idea of capturing regular people in their own version of street style is amazing.

It is run by this friends duo, Aliya and Aalok. I thing they are doing a beautiful job covering people’s individuality and style. They have very recently started this project called Delhi Street Runway where they are covering people, their style and writing a whole story about it. Anyone and everyone can be a part of this and so I thought why not.

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