Hello, you beautiful people!

How are you today? I have been working my ass off on creating a bridal collection for college. All virtual. All killing me. The best part is, I am taking a break by writing this blog. Wohoo!

For those who do not really know, I started this blog solely for those who, like me, find it hard to spill out thousands on clothes from big brands and at the same time, hate wearing the same thing each day. This is where styling comes in. If done right, you can have a different outfit every single day from the same pieces in your wardrobe. And this is why I always come up with more than one look to show you how that garment can be worn in multiple ways.

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Hey guys,

How are we doing today? Well my exams are going on so you know what I must be going through. But well nothing can stop me for blogging for you guys, can it! 😀

You guys all know how much I love to shop online right! I know you do. And I promised right in the beginning that amongst other things I’ll also bring you online sites that are reliable and better than other. In the same league I am going to talk about Shop That Outfit  today. Not only are they reliable, I fell for the quality of the clothes they offer and also the fit. Being super skinny, the fit is always a problem for me, but phew, not this time.

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What is the best thing about spring/summer?

For me it is the easy breezy clothes and ofcourse the watermelons. Love them. Although I love mangoes the most but anyways!

So the best part about this look is the top. The half sleeved top from Benetton’s Spring Collection. I love the water melons printed over it which also oddly compliment  the new green leaves and also the old crumpled ones on the ground. Also, halfsleeves is the best thing this season.


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