I fail to understand what that word means or stands for. Of course I am aware of all the meanings and synonyms we do attach to it. The first meaning that comes up when I type the word on Google says, “having qualities or an appearance traditionally associated with women, especially delicacy and prettiness.” I can agree with the first part of this sentence, but the second? That is sheer bullshit if you ask me.

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Do you like Ranveer Singh? Well, I don’t think that’s going to be a no! He is gorgeous, isn’t he? Alright, let me come back to my senses. Okay, so even seriously speaking, I really admire Ranveer Singh and one of the biggest reason would be, ‘he is always himself’! I love how open he is, about everything. He doesn’t care what people would say because does it really matter? This shows in his clothes too. Nomatter how many jokes or memes comes up, he is always there being himself. And honestly, I love his style.

Coming to today’s post now, I recently got this super cool co-ord set from Raiman which reminded me of Ranveer the very second I saw it. I simply fell in love with the Indian bandhej work but on such a contemporary set. Raiman has always been a favourite for her gorgeous fusion work. I mean seriously, who does it to that extent? A co-ord set that is bold, powerful and oh-so-sexy! Today, I am wearing it in three ways and once again I’m breaking rules that only exist in our heads!

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Hi there you beautiful people,

I have been too excited for this post ever since the day we shot it. I think this post is like a dream to me because of the amazing photography. It looks like it is out of a magazine and even though I’m sure some people might not like it, it is the kind I had always wanted. After a very long time in my life, through a lot of painful lessons, I have learnt that you cannot make others happy unless you yourself are! Please yourself and you will please everyone else too. Cheers to Aparna for the unbelievable photography. I will link her work in the end, dont forget to take a look. 😀

Lets cut the chase and come back to why I’m here. Fashion Blogging. haha.

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