Hey everyone!

What is it? Its Mondayyyyyyyyy! Haha Here I am with another new fun styling post for you lovely people out there. You know how much I love to style and make anything work in a more versatile way. Well this time I didn’t have to try.

Capes are the new ‘in’. In some form or the other, we have seen a lot of capes around this season. The best part about capes is that no matter what you wear them with, they never disappoint. Lace is other thing that is suddenly out there, everywhere! Now whats better than a cape made of lace. 😛

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So like everybody else I was also very much bummed that I could not attend the Coachella Valley and Arts Festival! There is music, there is art and there is fashion and culture, the part that I love the most being a fashion blogger! I mean the clothes, oh my god! That hippie fashion is so easygoing and edgy!

Anyway, me not going there does not mean I cannot dress up the same way! So I decided to bring you guys three looks inspired by Coachella that you can easily wear in your day to day life and  they are so much fun!

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