Hello you guys!
Christmas is supposed to be full of surprises, is it not? Well, I actually do have one for you. 😀 Wohooo
Have you heard of FabAlley? Who are we kidding, of course you have. I have been following FabAlley for quite some time now. They always try and bring out the most trendy and updated fashion in their collection and that’s one reason I simply love it.  Apart from this, I love how huge a variety they offer. From apparels, to accessories, to bags and what not! You ask for it and it is there. 😀

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Hello again my folksies,

I am back home and oh my god I cannot possibly put in words how cold it is here. I cover everything with tons of layers but my face is cold. There is no way out. Although there is no denying that I am also loving all of it at the same time, the hills, the chills and of course the endless cups of tea mom makes me!

Alright, lets come to what we do here. This month is all about holiday looks for me and we’ve already done a few. I promised you guys that I have something for each and every one of you. Today I’ll be sharing with you guys, my favourite Christmas look. Wohoo 😀

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My exams are finally over! Haha I am sorry but I am so relieved, I couldn’t help sharing. Also, I am super excited to finally share my holiday looks with you guys. Christmas and New Year are knocking right on our doors. There is such a little time and so much to do right?

Well, you need not worry. From today until the very end of this month I am going to share some looks that I’ve created for all these occasions that are coming up. These looks are going to be really easy and fun to try.

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