Hello everyone!

Last week got really hectic with the Amazon Fashion Week going on here in Delhi. I attended the last three days and the experience was incredible. I will soon share my views on the shows I liked, the ones I didn’t and what I wore! Yayy.

Okay, so who here loves stripes?? Raise your hand if you do! You just raised a hand in your head, didn’t you? 😀 I don’t think I know of anyone who does not like stripes! The most lovable patterns they are! 😛

I bought this one pair of striped palazzos (Yes, I know I have millions of Palazzos!), from a street market and decided to show how you can wear it, or as a matter of fact, any palazzo in different ways! I’ll cover three here. 😀

Let’s roll!

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With so much going around on boyfriend jeans I decided to flip the side and try a boyfriend ‘shirt’ instead! haha This season is all about anti-fit clothes and androgynous trends, I can’t contain how happy I am about it. Specially during the hot summers, tight clothes are a nightmare.

I chose this plaid shirt from my best friend’s closet ( I have no boyfriend! Aarrrgh! :P). The shirt is really beautiful, first the plaid print, second is the great studded shoulder yoke! I love to style my clothes differently, every single time I wear them and so with the shirt too, I tried five different looks!

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Maxi skirts are a blessing. Trust me. It is very hard to pull off a pair of jeans in the hot weather, especially when you live in a place like Delhi. This is where the skirts slip in!

And since I’ve been very clear that my blog is about affordable fashion, here I am going to show you how a single maxi skirt can be worn in four different ways!

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