Hello all,

It’s Tuesday and I am back with another beautiful post for you guys. Last Friday saw no post since I was down with fever for about a week. Still kinda am. But anyways, I am going to try my best to come up with posts on time so you need not worry! Yayy.

Today’s post features a brand called Vajor. Now, trust me, it has been one of favourites ever since I came across it. I already had quite a few pieces from the brand which I adored, so when I got a chance to collaborate with them, I was more than excited.

So, I received this beautiful pair of culottes, yes culottes, with forest leaves printed all over. And why I focused on the word culottes is because they are so flared that anyone can mistake them for a skirt. I end up calling them a skirt every time myself. Culottes are so comfortable, they always remind me of those divided-skirts we had in school for P.T. days! Haha

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