Happy new year to all you beautiful who take time out to read my blog. Before anything, I want to thank everybody for the endless love and support you have all given in. It has made me so much stronger and confident and trust me nothing is better than doing what you love. You all have made this experience worth it all. And as the year starts, I promise to bring you a lot more of fashion, style hacks, DIYs and cheap buys haha! Lets get started with the first one for this year.

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Hey everyone,

We all have some wardrobe staples, don’t we? Some pieces that we like so much that we try and pair it with every other thing and are afraid to lose! Then there are things which are some wardrobe must-haves! These are pieces that you believe should exist in everybody’s messy cupboards and you are always glad that at least you own them.

Well today I am going to talk about about something that I believe is both! My denim jacket. It is not necessary that you will agree with me but for me a denim jacket, first is a perennial deal. You can wear it all year long (Of course, not in scorching heat, but generally!) Second, it can be paired up with almost anything, ANYTHING! And this is why it is a wardrobe must have for me!

In this post I am going to style my denim jacket in 4 ways out of the other million that are possible. Let’s do it,

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Hello there you lovely folks,

I am hungry. NO seriously, after finishing the post I am going to hog on some junk. Thankfully this hunger can be easily dealt with, but there is one hunger which makes us go weak and just never gets satisfied. For me its my hunger for shoes! I mean I do like clothes, accessories and other stuff too but man oh man shoes are orgasmic. I am sure, for you too there is something in life which makes you devote at least 50% of your day thinking about it. It can be books, a new TV show, lipstick colours, just anything actually. Just like Joey had his sandwich, I have my shoes!

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Hello you beautiful ladies,

I am going home today after such a long time and I am very much excited. This will be my much needed break. But I am going to try my best to keep posting on Tuesdays and Fridays! 🙂

As I told you last time, I also bought a denim skirt from Forever21 recently and wanted to show you how you can style it in three different ways! I had been longing for a nice denim skirt for a very long time now and couldn’t control the urge when I saw one! 😀

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