I know you love DIY tutorials and oh my god how much I do too! Since forever have I been a girl who likes to make things. I think the two reasons for the same would be – (a) being broke all the time (b) being a creative head. I mean no, I am not an immensely creative person but I’d like to believe that a certain and good extent I am. Art Attack and MAD would be one of my favourites on TV and oh how sick my mother would get watching me make all weird things I did. She would later just throw them away of course!

Anyways, in a nut shell, I love DIYs and wearing things I make. You feel like a tiny designer in yourself when you wear you own stupid creation.

And well how often do we find our soul mates? I found my creative soulmate in Charuta. You know her from her blog Modayalda. She is all sorts of crazy like me and while I stick my DIY experiments to myself, she actually sells what she makes? Isn’t that amazing?

We have collaborated before but this time we did it for the one thing that brings us together, our love for DIYs. Let’s take a jump into the post and see what we are serving you today.

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