A good lehenga!

I have never owned a lehenga in my life.

Those who know me know what a big tomboy life I’ve lived so for me weddings were the same as normal days. A jeans and a good shirt would do the trick. Of course now the world has changed and I love the sight of a good lehenga (Indian skirt). Unlike most people, I also think that lehengas are quite versatile and no they are not a one-time thing anymore. It can definitely be worn multiple times and in multiple ways.

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My Ethnic Escapades!!

Has ethnic always been my favourite? I definitely do not think so.

I remember my mom forced me to wear a ‘churidar’ to my friend’s birthday party, yes birthday party. And how I hated her for that. With time she realized my hatred for Indian wear and stopped with the jazz. The main reason I never liked ethic was my body. I have been skinny all my life and how these Indian silhouettes looked on me, made me cringe. I would attend weddings in a pair of jeans and t-shirt. I, sure, wasn’t so confident after all.

This confidence took its own sweet time to develop and after ages of having been bullied for having a certain body type, I now take pride in it. Just like everyone should. I wouldn’t claim I have the best Indian wear in my wardrobe now, (still less than 5 pieces in all), but I love to try my hand at them. I would wear sarees to college if only I knew how to drape them well.

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Hey everyone,

There is no denying that we are always looking for some inspiration for ethnic clothes, aren’t we? Especially in a country like India, where we attend so many functions every now and then. And let’s be honest, who has the time and money to invest in each one of these. But then we can’t afford looking bad either! What a dilemma.

Well, this is when styling comes in. To me personally, spending  on these hefty purchases is not a easy task. First I see as a total waste and second it IS a total waste. Anyways, styling is what I swear by. All the time. You guys, by now, know that I do not have a lot of ethnic pieces in my wardrobe, but I manage. I’ll show you how.

Today I am donning this beautiful ethnic suit from Kria  by Kriti Gupta Sabharwal. I came across her through facebook and loved the simplicity of her designs. Trust me you guys, sometimes simple is what works. It is classy, elegant and a lot can be done with it. Of course she offers heavy worked and equally beautiful pieces too and heavy outfits are nice too, but you wear them once and get over them. They are great if you have a weeding in a close family or some other big occasion. Simple ones can be worn multiple times, just by changing the accessories, or the way you drape them. Kriti has so many of such classy and timeless pieces in her collection that I couldn’t stop myself from getting this one.

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Hello everyone,

Life can be so surprising sometimes, right? Some are good surprises; some, not so much. That’s life.

Among good surprises come times when we get to celebrate due to sudden, amazing reasons. Talking about fashion, sometimes it becomes a little hectic when  we have nothing to wear for that impromptu celebration. Being Indians, the worst cases are the ones which involve ethic clothes. Trust me, I’ve had a lot of such celebrations where I had nothing Indian to put on.

Also coming with new trends, Indian wear has been seeing  a new, so called, Modern Ethnic trend. There are many combinations, ethnic silhouettes but western prints and vice versa, so many others too.

Both of these above ideas is where I took my inspiration from for this post. I created two looks which are the perfect versions of mod-ethnic. You don’t need to buy new clothes, you don’t need to go to the store but you have some amazing, quirky clothes for the surprise celebration! 😀

Let’s go on it.

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