How to: Layer for fall.

I have started feeling chilly in my class room’s AC and my night walks on the terrace. This is a sign. Winter is coming. (That’s most from Game of Thrones that I know of!) In my hometown on the other hand, winter is blooming quite swiftly and my father does not leave the house without a jacket.

So for north India, the good times are here. And even though you may judge me for a fact that I like summer better, I don’t mind dressing up for winters too! Specially right now, when you don’t have to layer tons of garments, not here in the capital at least. Hence, here is my guide to light layering which I am quite implementing these days!

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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade out of it;

And when life gives you leather, make pants out of it.

Hey everyone, how are we doing?

As you must have guessed, I am talking about leather pants today. Of course not pure leather, no.  I do not advocate any form of abuse on animals for clothing purposes. Specially when we have such great synthetic substitutes for them.

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Happy new year to all you beautiful who take time out to read my blog. Before anything, I want to thank everybody for the endless love and support you have all given in. It has made me so much stronger and confident and trust me nothing is better than doing what you love. You all have made this experience worth it all. And as the year starts, I promise to bring you a lot more of fashion, style hacks, DIYs and cheap buys haha! Lets get started with the first one for this year.

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It is getting too cold for me to handle but I am sure loving all the layering that’s going on. All the coats, jackets, beanies and boots! But wait, do you think boots are your only way out for winters? I think one of the many reasons I like winters is because I get to wear all my sneakers, brogues and what not. Trust me, in the scorching heat of Delhi, you can barely even imagine about those.

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Hello again my folksies,

I am back home and oh my god I cannot possibly put in words how cold it is here. I cover everything with tons of layers but my face is cold. There is no way out. Although there is no denying that I am also loving all of it at the same time, the hills, the chills and of course the endless cups of tea mom makes me!

Alright, lets come to what we do here. This month is all about holiday looks for me and we’ve already done a few. I promised you guys that I have something for each and every one of you. Today I’ll be sharing with you guys, my favourite Christmas look. Wohoo 😀

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“Today’s is the story of a princess! She is young and smart but a little disappointed in her life. Of course being a princess may look good on the outside, only few know of the pain and boredom it burdens you with. This one is an adventurer, stuck in a palace. She is supposed to look her best every minute, neat and feminine. Will she be able to change her life or be caged for the rest? ….”

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My exams are finally over! Haha I am sorry but I am so relieved, I couldn’t help sharing. Also, I am super excited to finally share my holiday looks with you guys. Christmas and New Year are knocking right on our doors. There is such a little time and so much to do right?

Well, you need not worry. From today until the very end of this month I am going to share some looks that I’ve created for all these occasions that are coming up. These looks are going to be really easy and fun to try.

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