How to: Big jumpers!

It snowed in my hometown (Nainital) last night and I am so bummed to have missed it for 5 years in a row now. Ugh.

So to put myself in a better mood and to come to terms with the realisation that I haven’t posted a story in the last week, I decided to share one.

Don’t we girls just love the long, big, warm sweaters which we either steal from our brothers/boyfriends or just buy them that way, because only god knows how good it feels. I bought this green one while I was home for Diwali and I really don’t seem to get enough. I have worn it multiple times already and I think we can all relate.

So, as is quite obvious, I decided to show you how you could style those big, comfortable, jumpers in three different ways!

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How to: Athleisure.

I know I am super late here. Would you kill me for that? In fact, I shot this story back in August but other important stories lined up. Nonetheless, we are finally doing this!

Athleisure has been there for quite a long time now however I still don’t see much of it around me. My friends would ask me if I am coming from the gym!  Haha. But if I cared, I wouldn’t be doing this today.

I think the trend is quite fun and easy. The best part however lies in the comfort. I would kill to be in my PJs all day. Wouldn’t you! That’s the kind of comfort you get from athleisure. It is great for every single day of your life but if that is not happening, then a must for your travels. Travelling in uncomfortable clothing is a sin. Don’t we see all our celebs sticking to the trend for their ‘airport looks’? Athleisure for travel it is!

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Hello everyone!

Happy Fri-yay! Are you confused about what to wear out this weekend?? Let me help you out.

How many of us know that retro is back? All of us right! Well, my favourite amongst all retro trends has always been Polka Dots. There was a time when all I had was polkas. I am more than happy that it is back.

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Hey there amigos,

Weekend is here! Wohoo! Do I ‘wohoo’ too much? haha. Well, I am excited because this post today is dedicated to fun and quirky fashion.

I believe, that we girls have a great amount of choices when it comes to fashion, Trust me this is where the poor boys sigh and say (in their heads!) “Why should girls have all the fun?”. 😛

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