I am super excited. Why you ask! The Amazon Fashion week starts tomorrow and I cannot contain it all. I’ve got so much planned for the week. The best part about attending the fashion week is I can dress as crazy as I want and not be judged at all. Haha. Also, checking out what is going to be in fashion beforehand and the amazingly executed fashion shows are the best thing ever. Too many best things huh? I guess so. Anyways, I will keep you updated on all of it over my Instagram so make sure you follow me there (@spill_the_sass).

About today’s blog, it is about jumpsuits. I have seen a lot of girls being sceptical about jumpsuits and rompers, mainly because of all the pain you have to go through when you go do your natural business. I do feel the same, trust me. It is a head ache. At the same time though, I feel that the look they give me and how they make me feel otherwise is something I can go through that 5 minute pain for. I have about six jumpsuits and rompers combined and I love them all. Let me show you two looks with a romper that will make you buy one for the summer right away!

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Hello you beautiful people out there!

Scarves are absolute summer essentials. Most of us have them in as many shapes and sizes possible. Until last year I did not use mine much. Probably only to wear around my neck or cover my head and face when I’m out in the sun. This year I decided to make full use of the money I had invested in these scarves! haha So this summer I have been experimenting a lot with scarves as head gears, as dress covers and what not!

Today’s DIY post is going to be on the same and I’m going to show you how you can style them in different ways to get a completely new look.

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Hello ladies,

As I promised on instagram I am going to bring you a great number of DIYs from now on. This is merely a start. I believe DIYs are the best way to recycle and to make things on your own which gives this feeling of great achievement haha. I am a hoarder and I rarely throw things away. I always try and make some use of them even after they have literally died. 😛

Anyways lets begin this one now!

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Maxi skirts are a blessing. Trust me. It is very hard to pull off a pair of jeans in the hot weather, especially when you live in a place like Delhi. This is where the skirts slip in!

And since I’ve been very clear that my blog is about affordable fashion, here I am going to show you how a single maxi skirt can be worn in four different ways!

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