How are you doing? Fri-yay much?

Well, have you ever felt that you were so wrong about a certain things in life and a closer look at them completely changed your view? Definitely, my biggest misconception would be my life at NIFT. It was a dream and until I got here I thought it was just about great clothes and designs and more than anything, a lot of fun. I cannot tell you how hard this college life is. It barely gives you time to breathe let alone have fun. The bright side is the fashion that is engraved even in the walls of the college and the inspiration people here give me. I don’t know why I am talking about this but trust me, if you love something in life, please go for it. I know how content I feel doing what I am passionate about. Doing what I love.

Soon, the blog is also going to turn one and I couldn’t be more excited. So, let’s get to what we do here and make it all count.

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Hola people,

I hope you’re all doing good. It’s Friday again and that means its time for another blog post! Wohoooo. Excited about my own post? Yeah I kind of am. This is because today I am showcasing not one but two of the most amazing brands I have come across.

The first one needs no introduction. It is none other than India Circus. You know about it, right? I know you do. They deal in one of the best  phone covers, bags, stationary, home furnishings and what not. The best part is the kind of prints they come out with. they’re very Indian yet contemporary. 😀

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