If  you are a FRIENDS fanatic like me, you know where the title comes from. Let me just get it all clear. I was planning on shooting a Valentine ’s Day look for you lovely ladies and hopefully it might be there but while I was putting it all together I realized that personally I have never really celebrated the with a boyfriend/lover! Having been single for a long time now, I either sulk on the day thinking about what I could have done or I celebrate it my own way.

Now, since my blog is very personal to me and more often than not I make it a point to share my life with you guys, I thought it would be much better if I talk about what I do on Valentine’s. And who knows, it might just help some of you in a way. You all have been like a close knit family and so sharing with you becomes very important.

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One of the hottest silhouette trend of this season, Culottes, are a must in every girl’s wardrobe! The must-have pants for spring/summer. Through this post I am going to show you just how versatile these pants are and how you can wear these carrying your very own style quotient forward!

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