Hey everyone,

We all have some wardrobe staples, don’t we? Some pieces that we like so much that we try and pair it with every other thing and are afraid to lose! Then there are things which are some wardrobe must-haves! These are pieces that you believe should exist in everybody’s messy cupboards and you are always glad that at least you own them.

Well today I am going to talk about about something that I believe is both! My denim jacket. It is not necessary that you will agree with me but for me a denim jacket, first is a perennial deal. You can wear it all year long (Of course, not in scorching heat, but generally!) Second, it can be paired up with almost anything, ANYTHING! And this is why it is a wardrobe must have for me!

In this post I am going to style my denim jacket in 4 ways out of the other million that are possible. Let’s do it,

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Hello all,

As I lay back on my bed sometimes and think what a journey this life has been, I am surprised to realize that even though our dreams evolve with time, there are however some that stay in hour heads forever until they come true. (Too philosophical eh?)

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Hey everyone,

How are we doing? 😀 Well, things have been getting really hectic my side but I have no complaints. 🙂 I hope its the same with you!

Coming to the post now. You guys know how I hate to be associated with one style and how I love to experiment. This blog post today shows exactly how you can break boundaries, break rules without overdoing it. It is for those who don’t like to experiment too much but still want to try new things in a subtle way. If you’re one of those, this post is tailor-made for you my love!

And what rule are we breaking today?


I mean, of course they are. But does that mean that you can always wear them in the most feminine ways possible? NO.

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Hi everyone,

First of all, a big thankyou for all the love that you all are continuously giving me!

Now those who follow me on instagram know that I recently did a photoshoot at Neemrana Fort Palace, Rajasthan. I cannot express how excited I was to share the pictures with you all. The fort is heavenly. Trust me. Fort and Palaces have always been very fascinating as it is. Being there gives you a very royal and full of grandeur feeling! A special mention to the whole photography team who took these pictures. you will see for yourself just how amazing they are! They are called Visions Of An Earthen Pot. (link at the bottom).

So I got this very beautiful beige maxi dress from Missa More which I decided to style in three different ways (as always!). As the person that I am, I’m always urged to style everything differently. I hate to be boring. Let me show you what I did. 🙂

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