The Modern Woman (Part 01)

So much has happened. And so much is happening. No matter how much we move forward, there is always something to pull us right back, to pull us down.
We may feel short, small, tiny, minute but trust me, we matter. I matter. You matter.

I remember my father always told me how he would love it, if I become a doctor or teacher. Why? They’re very respectable jobs he would tell me. This is what women ARE seen as, nurturers! I say ‘are’ because with all that’s currently happening, aren’t we still fighting to get out this shell?

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How to : Monochrome!

If I had to pick one trend that I have been using too much lately has to be monochrome. Long gone are the days when I would laugh at people who wore the same colour heat to toe, ‘cause I got to  admit, if done right, monochromes are a hit.

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Monochrome to Technicolour!

I am rarely a monochrome person. It is not that I dislike wearing a single colour or shades of it all over, I am just rarely in the mood. In fact, the one trend I like is to push in colours on an otherwise monochromatic look. I think this is one thing everybody likes to do. Jazzing up your all black outfit with some statement accessories or colors.

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Hi beautiful people,

Here I am, up with another amazing blog post. When I started, I had told you that my blog is going to be about affordable fashion and these days, I feel online shopping has become the best way to shop in your budget.

A lot of start-ups have come up selling their collection online and I love how big a variety and freshness they have been providing us.One such incredible brand is URBAN PITARA . I will tell you more about it by the end of the post when you’ve actually seen for yourself, what I’m talking about. 🙂

Lets come to the post. Today I’m going to show you the potential of a bodycon dress. I myself, have always been a fan of bodycon dresses. I think that these are undoubtedly the sexiest silhouette for any woman out there! In this post I am going to show you how I styled a fabulous dress by the Urban Pitara in two ways! Lets take a look! 😀

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