Hey there amigos,

Weekend is here! Wohoo! Do I ‘wohoo’ too much? haha. Well, I am excited because this post today is dedicated to fun and quirky fashion.

I believe, that we girls have a great amount of choices when it comes to fashion, Trust me this is where the poor boys sigh and say (in their heads!) “Why should girls have all the fun?”. 😛

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Hi everyone!

How are we doing today?

Life is a book full of dilemmas. We face one every other day. I’ll tell you about one such dilemma we often come across. So we, the ladies, are very comfortable with buying clothes and shoes for ourselves however when it comes to do the same for our brothers, boyfriends or any other gentlemen friends, we sure do not know how to go about it.

And also most of our men still find it hard to indulge in some ‘good’ shopping or know of good brands which serve them nicely.

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