Learnings via 2016.

I do not believe in new year resolutions. No, I don’t. Why would you wait for a particular day to start doing something you’ve wanted to do? I fail to understand that. But, to each, his own.

Poor 2016 is being quoted as the worst year of all times but honestly my year has been sweet and smooth. I have grown tremendously as a person and that for me is the biggest achievement there is. Of course twists and turns do come along and things do not go how they were supposed to sometimes (well, most of the times!) but the few things that do, make it all worthwhile.

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Merry Christmas! How is the holiday going guys? I am in my bed sipping on some tea and enjoying some homemade biscuits! Could is get any better? I may also visit a church in some time but let me talk about my last holiday look.

So this month I gave you my five go-to holiday looks that are perfect for Christmas and New Year’s eve! Finally I am here with the last one. I enjoyed doing all these looks so much and I wish holidays were here to stay but everything comes to an end. Nonetheless, I am super excited for the upcoming looks too and I am also coming back with some great DIY posts for you lovelies! Yayyyie

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My exams are finally over! Haha I am sorry but I am so relieved, I couldn’t help sharing. Also, I am super excited to finally share my holiday looks with you guys. Christmas and New Year are knocking right on our doors. There is such a little time and so much to do right?

Well, you need not worry. From today until the very end of this month I am going to share some looks that I’ve created for all these occasions that are coming up. These looks are going to be really easy and fun to try.

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