I just came back from a camping trip from Mukteshwar in Uttarakhand. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of the place but you must definitely give it a visit. It was an amazing and overwhelming experience and I can’t wait to go back already. I hope your weekend was fun too. 😀

Anyways, now I am back to the regular things but thankfully I have no complaints. I love my college and my blog is everything to me so I don’t think I don’t like getting back to it. I am always excited for the next one. One should always do what they love, always.

Today’s post is in collaboration with Jabong. I am sure you know about it already and also of the fact that Jabong is one place you can get your hands on a lot of the International brands that do not sell anywhere else. That is the main catch and my absolute favorite thing about it. Also, amongst the other brands too I like that Jabong is very comfortable to shop from. Unlike many other similar e-com sites, Jabong has a very filtered list of brands and styles.

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Hello my loves,

Happy Republic day to you. How did it go and what did you guys do? Mine was a little busy, I had a shoot planned because thanks to the hectic college, I have to use to all my holidays for the blog. I hope you guys did something better, or at least had a great sleep. Haha.

Let us talk about today’s blog post now. People who know me, know that I was not this versatile and experimental from the beginning. I, too, had my safety zones and things I never liked or bothered about. Like, I was always into clothes and shoes but never really cared about other things like the accessories, the bags and other things that come along. My choices and understanding has evolved with time and now I realize how important these things too are.

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You guys know how much I love summers right? Yeah, yeah, the heat kills me too but I love the colours around. The easy outfits. The effortless style. Winters take a lot actually. Too much of layering and effort. But then again I like the challenge. However I mostly prefer to go about with my summer clothes styled for winters. It is fun and also a lot less expensive.

So hey everyone, how are we doing? My college started and once again I’m caught up in a web of endless assignments and i’m sure you too are going through similar things. It’s good you know. Anyways, without wasting a lot of your time I’ll tell you about today’s post.

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Hello everyone!

Last week got really hectic with the Amazon Fashion Week going on here in Delhi. I attended the last three days and the experience was incredible. I will soon share my views on the shows I liked, the ones I didn’t and what I wore! Yayy.

Okay, so who here loves stripes?? Raise your hand if you do! You just raised a hand in your head, didn’t you? 😀 I don’t think I know of anyone who does not like stripes! The most lovable patterns they are! 😛

I bought this one pair of striped palazzos (Yes, I know I have millions of Palazzos!), from a street market and decided to show how you can wear it, or as a matter of fact, any palazzo in different ways! I’ll cover three here. 😀

Let’s roll!

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A big cold hello to each one of you!

Why cold you ask? Well it is so hot here in Delhi that giving some cool vibes might provide some relief. Okay, I’ll stop.

So before anything else, I would like to express my gratitude to each one of you who takes time and reads the blog, follows me on Instagram. You all, your comments, likes, messages everything makes my day. It makes me work harder, so thank you for that. I love you all the most. ❤

Coming to today’s blog post, you all know what a big Vajor fan I am. They recently came out with their collection of Ikat, called the Ikat Story. In my last post I also told you guys how Ikat is currently the ‘in’ thing right now.Its amazing how you  can see it everywhere all of a sudden. 😀

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Hi all you sassy girls!

I am here once again with yet another summer look for you guys! I have said this a million times before and I will say it again, summer is all about colors. the more colors you add, the more you shine!

It is almost impossible to pull on a pair of jeans in the heat and that’s when options like skirts, palazzos, culottes come in handy! Today what I have in store for you is  a pair of palazzo pants with an amazing twist.

Lets get introduced!

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