Hello you beautiful person!

I hope your Fridays are going on like Fri-yays! Mine definitely are. 😀 Also, from now on I am planning to post on Tuesdays and Fridays! Lots of reasons for the same but trust me you would not be disappointed! 🙂

Moving on, today’s DIY post is the much awaited scarf head gears. I have come across and tried a lot of them through youtube and other blogs but I am going to show you guys my personal favourites. These are super easy and super chic. Lets get started. 😀

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Hello you beautiful people out there!

Scarves are absolute summer essentials. Most of us have them in as many shapes and sizes possible. Until last year I did not use mine much. Probably only to wear around my neck or cover my head and face when I’m out in the sun. This year I decided to make full use of the money I had invested in these scarves! haha So this summer I have been experimenting a lot with scarves as head gears, as dress covers and what not!

Today’s DIY post is going to be on the same and I’m going to show you how you can style them in different ways to get a completely new look.

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