How excited am I? Oh you have no idea. I have always been this person who looks at things and says, “I am not buying that when I can easily make it!” Although I rarely ever do that, but when it happens, it is pure love. I love to create, be it looks or things.

So, hello everyone! I am back with my series of DIY tutorials and I promise you that it is going to be bigger and better. Wohooo! 😀 I’ve a list of some amazing ideas that we are going to try this time but all I need from you people to show your support and share your honest opinions with me. Trust me, this helps so much!

Alright, the first one of this year is going to be a very simple DIY that you can try right away! We are going to revamp a shawl/stole. Yeah, the title gave the suspense away! Haha

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