Do you love art? I think we all do, right? In some form of the other. Personally I like the most raw of forms of art. Not that I am a big art junkie and I do not know of any names but I do like a lot of street art, graffitis and other shiz. Lately, I also happen to like doodles. What do you like?

Why I am talking about this today is because this Jodi Life lookbook has been shot at India’s first open air public art district here at Lodhi Colony in Delhi. As soon as I saw the pictures over the internet, I knew I had to go there. Plus, for me locations of my shoots matter a lot so I am always on a lookout for great visual backgrounds. 25 street artists from India and across the globe got together to do this and you guys MUST (yes, block letters!) go check it all out. I urge you to do that.

Coming to today’s fashion part of the blog now. I told you how I am going to style the skirt from the last post in two more ways right? Here they are. Do check out the previous one here, case you missed out – THE JODI LOOKBOOK, PART 01.

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Have you ever been to Delhi? What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Old Delhi? The food? The crowd? The endless shopping options? The fascinating old and about-to-fall buildings? I think all of it does, all of it and a lot many things. Whether you have been here or you haven’t, you have an idea of what it is like. It has a charm that binds you, so tight you cannot let go and you don’t want to either!

I first came to Delhi with my school’s athletic team when I was in my senior secondary. Before that happened, the song ‘Masakali’ from Delhi 6 was what defined old Delhi for me. Now I obviously know more, much more.

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Ina long time today I was awake for the whole night watching a tv series and slept in the morning, thanks to the long weekend. Ahhhh, a sigh of relief. And of course its Friday. What does that mean?? a new blog post, duh! 😛

You people know what a sporty person I am. Or do you? well anyway, I was a track runner back in school and I love sports. Its sad how I don’t play anymore.

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Hey there you guys!

Happy Friday. 😀

Today’s post is a little special to me. Well the brand I am featuring today is very close to my heart as I was the first blogger they collaborated with and once I reveal the name you’ll know what heights they’ve reached now! 😀 They are none other than EMPRESS PITARA (formerly known as  Urban Pitara).

Okay so coming to the post now, shirt dresses have been more than a rage this season. I drool over them mainly because of how versatile they are. You can wear them as they are, you can wear them with a pair of jeans, shorts and what not!

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Hello you beautiful people!

I feel sad for Monday today. I mean poor Monday, cannot possibly stop coming after Sunday and how sad is it that people accuse it for giving them the blues! Haha Lets give Monday the love it deserves. I think that’s why most of us bloggers chose to post on Monday so we can shoo those blues away and you and your Monday can live happily together! Enough of the lame theory! Lets talk about the post!

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