Happy Socks!!

Socks are my best friend.


There’s nothing that has fascinated me more, all my life, it only has to be socks. No matter what trends have come in or gone out, socks have always been really close to my heart. I hoard socks like a crazy maniac and I literally   have gone on shopping sprees just for socks.

Do I sound crazy? Or are you a partner in my crime?

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The most raw form of fashion, street fashion has suddenly taken the world by storm. And how I like it? Oh, I love it. We are all lovers of all things fancy and nice but do we not sometimes like to go with some fresh, crude, fashion. Well, everyone may or may not do it but street style is one of the most frequent used words in the fashion industry today.

The name itself depicts where is comes from. And not until long ago, it belonged just there. On the streets. However, a new wave of fashion has brought with it this new trend and from fashion innovators to celebrities, everyone is going gaga over the same. Aren’t you?

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Hello my loves!

How are we doing today? Friday is here and so is a brand new post! Lately, I have been talking about how you can easily rock your summer wardrobe favorites in this fall. Well, technically it should be winter, and in my hometown it actually is, Delhi seems to be a little slow! Earlier I showed you how you could totally rock your t-shirts this season and today we are going to talk about bodycon dresses!

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Hello again,

Tooesday it is! Are your exams coming ? Mine are and I have no idea of what I am going to do. Suddenly I am jealous of my friends who are working because, no exams for them. *sigh*

Okay, not letting all the tension come here, lets talk about what I am going to serve you guys on the blog today! There are a lot of places in the country where there is winter sitting already, and places where winter is nowhere to be seen! In Delhi, it is confusing. Mind boggling. It is chilly in the mornings and evenings and really sunny and warm in the day time. You have no idea on what to wear but we know the sun is not going to stay long!

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