Florals Are Groundbreaking. (Sorry Miranda!)

I may have been in awe of everything that Miranda Priestly did and said in one of the (my) most iconic movies of all time, The Devil Wears Prada, there was one thing that I wasn’t sure about. According to the lady, florals for summer are blah. Anything besides groundbreaking.


And while for a few naive years I supported her opinion, I have recently come to the conclusion that florals indeed are groundbreaking, and honestly, the season does not even matter.

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Hey you pretty pretty people!

When I ask you what is ‘in’, what comes to your mind? Bohemian? Sheer? Layering?

Well I’ve pretty much tried them all, however the ‘sheer’ trend was still left to be given a shot. So I was desperately waiting to shoot this post and try the one and only sheer I have in my wardrobe which is this beautiful white skirt from none other than Lakhina Couture.

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Hello you beautiful people!

I feel sad for Monday today. I mean poor Monday, cannot possibly stop coming after Sunday and how sad is it that people accuse it for giving them the blues! Haha Lets give Monday the love it deserves. I think that’s why most of us bloggers chose to post on Monday so we can shoo those blues away and you and your Monday can live happily together! Enough of the lame theory! Lets talk about the post!

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Hey everyone!

What is it? Its Mondayyyyyyyyy! Haha Here I am with another new fun styling post for you lovely people out there. You know how much I love to style and make anything work in a more versatile way. Well this time I didn’t have to try.

Capes are the new ‘in’. In some form or the other, we have seen a lot of capes around this season. The best part about capes is that no matter what you wear them with, they never disappoint. Lace is other thing that is suddenly out there, everywhere! Now whats better than a cape made of lace. 😛

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One of the hottest silhouette trend of this season, Culottes, are a must in every girl’s wardrobe! The must-have pants for spring/summer. Through this post I am going to show you just how versatile these pants are and how you can wear these carrying your very own style quotient forward!

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