Colours 2018.

2018 started with a bang of trends on the runway. Maybe I am old enough to realise or this year is special, but trends have been literally blasted from a canon. From feathers to florals, from belt bags (fancy name for fanny packs you guys!) to dramatic shoulders, everything you’re wearing right now might fit in one of  2018’s trends (or subtrends, lel).

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Stalk, buy and love!!

Hey everyone,

How are things rolling your side. My side has been full of new things. I have a huge surprise coming for you guys  but you’ll all have to wait a little. Apart from that, heat has been soaring here in Delhi and I’ve finally managed to get an AC. Laugh as you may but this is the first time I have an AC in my room. For the first fifteen minutes I didn’t even know what different things the remote could do. Well back in my home town, Nainital, we don’t even have fans let alone ACs. It’s funny how things may be very regular and normal for one person and completely new to another one.

Anyway, enough of my stupid theories, let me talk about what we are discussing here today! But before anything, let me ask you, DO YOU STALK? No, don’t you lie. I know you do. Everyone does. In fact, I’ll be honest, I sometimes find myself looking at the pictures of my friend’s brother’s girlfriend’s best friend. Yes, I have different levels. But, even if we don’t stalk people, we end up stalking other things we like. Like for me, clothes and shoes. I window shop online. ALL THE TIME. I know you do too and this one you can’t deny.

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How are you doing? Fri-yay much?

Well, have you ever felt that you were so wrong about a certain things in life and a closer look at them completely changed your view? Definitely, my biggest misconception would be my life at NIFT. It was a dream and until I got here I thought it was just about great clothes and designs and more than anything, a lot of fun. I cannot tell you how hard this college life is. It barely gives you time to breathe let alone have fun. The bright side is the fashion that is engraved even in the walls of the college and the inspiration people here give me. I don’t know why I am talking about this but trust me, if you love something in life, please go for it. I know how content I feel doing what I am passionate about. Doing what I love.

Soon, the blog is also going to turn one and I couldn’t be more excited. So, let’s get to what we do here and make it all count.

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If  you are a FRIENDS fanatic like me, you know where the title comes from. Let me just get it all clear. I was planning on shooting a Valentine ’s Day look for you lovely ladies and hopefully it might be there but while I was putting it all together I realized that personally I have never really celebrated the with a boyfriend/lover! Having been single for a long time now, I either sulk on the day thinking about what I could have done or I celebrate it my own way.

Now, since my blog is very personal to me and more often than not I make it a point to share my life with you guys, I thought it would be much better if I talk about what I do on Valentine’s. And who knows, it might just help some of you in a way. You all have been like a close knit family and so sharing with you becomes very important.

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