What is the best thing about spring/summer?

For me it is the easy breezy clothes and ofcourse the watermelons. Love them. Although I love mangoes the most but anyways!

So the best part about this look is the top. The half sleeved top from Benetton’s Spring Collection. I love the water melons printed over it which also oddly compliment  the new green leaves and also the old crumpled ones on the ground. Also, halfsleeves is the best thing this season.


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Hello beautiful people!

I’ve come from a small town in the hills called Nainital. I found Delhi all way different than what I had thought it would be! I’ve always loved dressing up but I couldn’t possibly afford the big expensive brands that I saw people wearing here. Obviously that didn’t hold me back from shopping and that’s how I came across street shopping and other not-so-expensive wonders. This blog is my journey up the ladder of economical fashion.

Here on my blog I am going to talk extensively about the art of street shopping, styling day to day clothes, brands that fit your pocket, makeup and beauty, online shopping, DIYs and lots of hacks and tricks!

It is dedicated to all the girls with limited pocket money but an eye for fashion!